The Elippse Group

The Elippse group comprises:

Postfield systems logo

Postfield Systems is an innovative UK based company which specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a range of systems / products for government agencies, the railway industry, and various private-sector businesses. With a long-standing reputation for developing bespoke stand-alone and integrated products, we are proud of our excellent standing in all our markets.

"Being so diverse gives us the opportunity to learn best practices from a number of different industries".

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At Sprite Recruitment Ltd our aim is to get the right people with the correct skills, at the right time and in the right place. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, providing a tailored service to suit each Client and demonstrating expertise in supplying teams during peak production demands. Our highly skilled and experienced Candidates and bespoke back office systems take the stress away from all parties involved in the recruitment process. Candidates who work for Sprite Recruitment Ltd benefit from working for high-profile Clients and feeling part of a team. All our Candidates take part in an induction session at our offices to ensure they are aware of our latest workmanship standards and the Sprite ethos.